sifighter's Ultimate Comics Ultimates #27 - Disassembled Part 3; New World Order review

Holy Hell Fialkov! Ultimates Disassembled part 3

If you've been paying attention to the Ultimate Universe lately then you may have heard that Joshua Hale Fialkov, writer of I,Vampire and Alpha: Big Time, has taken over the lately less then stellar Ultimate Comics Ultimates with his first story arc being Ultimates Disassembled, and so far it's been doing really great and making the title a lot more interesting. So, today issue 27 came out and all I can say is that not only is it awesome, Fialkov does not mess around when it comes to shaking up the ultimate versions of our heroes. Now I'm not going to spoil anything but I will say what happened; an important and well known member of the ultimates dies, Quicksilver hands out a massive beating, We learn more about the Dark Ultimate's Plan, and finally we see a new team form to fight the Dark Ultimates, consisting of a few well known Ultimate Characters and few new ones who look pretty familiar. It's a really great issue with no real complaints from my perspective, overall JHF's run on this series has given it a major improvement and the art by Carmine Di Giandomencio is amazing, I honestly can't wait for the next issue to see what happens.

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I'm calling it now, "kang" is either Valeria or Sue.

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    The new Howling Commandos enter the scene! 0

    It turned out that the showdown between Susan, Reed and Ben last issue was just a fake out. That´s a little dissapointing. But it makes sense, seeing how smart Reed is. Speaking of Reed, that dissection of Tony´s brain was incredibly creepy. An intresting revelation too, that Tony´s sentient brain tumor was just one of the infinity gems. I wonder how they will free Cap and Hawkeye from the Negative Zone. Hulk and Thor seem to be at a standstill. Team Reed seem to be in the lead...

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