ishmaelbbc's Ultimate Comics Ultimates #20 - Reconstruction, Part 2 of 6 review

Definitely Deconstruction

It's one thing to note that this is not Jonathan Hickman's Ultimates anymore. It's another to see just how bad this series has become. Gradually, the Ultimates became worse and worse, taking a sharp turn to the bottom with issues 18.1 and 19, arriving at a new low with this no.20.

The writing is embarrassing. Plot points are either elaborately explained or not mentioned at all. The structure is all over the place, making the appearance of Susan Storm and Thor seem like a mistake. The dialogue is hard to bear, especially Captain America has become a satire of himself. Before I was reading comics, this was what I imagined Caps must be like: a macho guy, patriotic, militaristic, shouting most of the time, not thinking. The whole plot concerning Nick Fury is so incredibly annoying and stupid. Consider one little aspect that shows the problems of the writing. Monica Chang was married to Nick Fury once. It's a fact I hadn't known as a still somewhat new reader. So, she says a sentence like: "Nick is the father of my child, Hawkeye, how do you think I feel." Does anyone talk like that? Later Tony Stark asks her "Well... Monica. You were married to the guy. Was that really Nick Fury?" So much for getting plot points across in a subtle way.

All of this (and there is more) wouldn't matter so much if the art was bearable but it isn't. Nothing looks appealing, the facial expressions are all over the place, the action is weird and there is something like this:

Can you see the similarities? It's a guy named Ford, shown in four different versions in four consecutive panels. I really hope he turns out to be a shapeshifter, otherwise I'd be at a loss to explain this.

This can only get better.


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