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After United We Stand, AMERICAN RECONSTRUCTION begins!

Can the United States ever be truly reunited?

President Cap comes face to face with a painful reality!

The debut of the IRON PATRIOT!

Ford visits Captain America and they talk in a back room. Ford wants to open a coal plant which Nevada blocks. Cap doesn't want to help, since he thinks it's not a federal issue, so Ford threatens him. Cap punches him through the door which doesn't stop Ford from telling him his demands.

In New Jersey Tony Stark inaugurates the first football match since the U.S. ended their civil war. He shows off his new Iron Patriot suit to represent patriotism. He gives an interview when the stadium is attacked.

Cassandra Lang is treated for her injuries at the SHIELD base in Wyoming and talks to Monica Chang. She is asked to join the Ultimates. The news of the New Jersey attacks arrive but Stark doesn't need any help. He destroys the rockets and finds their source which he also eliminates, while being surprised at its origin.

Thor is seeking solitude at a lake in Wyoming when Susan Storm seeks him out. He tells her how he brought Modi to his mother Hela who cursed him for killing him. She wants to find a missing gem like the mind gem Modi was using. Thor is not interested and wants to be left alone.

Cap is taking out a Hydra base in Chicago singlehandlely. He meets with Tony and dislikes his armor, thinking it's too superficial. Tony asks him to join a charity event, but Cap refuses to meet with SHIELD because he is worried about the continuing Hydra attacks. Apparently they have been using SHIELD weapons to attack. There is supposed to be a spy in SHIELD who goes by the name of Nick Fury.

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