airbound_dude's Ultimate Comics Ultimates #10 - Two Cities. Two Worlds. Part Four review

Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #10 Review

This is the first issue of collaboration between outgoing writer Jonathan Hickman and incoming writer Sam Humphries. And things are looking up for this series. Everything is setting up for the upcoming event "Divided We Fall". This issue deals with the fallout of the attack and destruction of the head of the US Government and the change of boss at SHIELD. Things are just falling apart for the government.

The High Points:

At this point it is clear that Reed Richards cannot be beaten by conventional means. Both sides are bloodied but, it is clear that SHIELD for all intent and purpose is broken. The Richards attack and the rogue Nimrod Sentinels ( Ultimate Comics X-Men ) has led to a partial abandonment of the southwest US. Just too much for SHIELD. It doesn't help that they are also hunting the remaining Ultimates. Humphries and Hickman are making sure that things are just plain bad for the heroes and there are hints that things are about to get worse. At the same time we see a familiar face return to help Tony deal with his disease and learning the horrifying truth of who is doing this. I like where this is going.

The Low Points:

The only low point is the fact that Hickman is leaving this series. What he's done in his run of this series is more exiting than a whole lot of stuff out there.

Final Verdict:

As things look bleak, there is a small ray of hope coming to this series and in all honesty they need it. Get it now.


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