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Spider-Man No More Part 2

The Story

We get the origin for Cloak and Dagger and I really like it. It expands on Roxxon as a shady corporation, which I´ve been looking forward to ever since the .1 issue. They reference both Miles and Peters transformation into Spider-Man, which I thought was a nice call back. The fight scene in the restaurant was decent, but I can´t help to think that there would be more done with it. The pressure on Miles to get back in the suit is increasing now that he´s been yelled at by Gwen too. She made some great points too by the way. I´m excited to find out how this develops.

The Art

I´m no art expert so these sections will be significantly shorter than the story paragraph. Anyway, loved the art, it looks really good. The panel layout on one of the pages near the end was kind of cool, but it was also kind of confusing to figure out in which order they were supposed to be read at first. Also, I hope they can give Tandy/Dagger a more uniqe look in the upcoming issues. She looks kind of bland here.


More Roxxon is always nice

Cloak and Daggers origin story was flawlessly told

Gwen made some great points when scolding Miles


Confusing page layout near the end

Tandy/Daggers character design is kind of bland


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