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Spider-Man No More Part 1

Great aftermath issue, after what happened in issue 22. You can see how Miles is still hurting, and its reasonable that he dont want to go back into the costume. But its also understandable why S.H.I.E.L.D wants him back in the game. I´m hoping they´ll build on that tension throughout this arc. I had heard of Kate Bishop before, but I hadnt really read any comic she´s in, so I had to look up in the wiki to find out she´s in( or was, I dont read the current rebooted Young Avengers) the Young Avengers in the 616 universe. I´m curious to see if they will do something more with her here, than just making her Miles girlfriend. And Cloak and Dagger, yay! I think there was a version of Cloak and Dagger before these guys in the Ultimate Universe(in the Ultimate Spider-Man volume that came before it was rebranded Ultimate Comics), but I could be remembering wrong. I´m not too happy about the reintroduction of Bombshell(never really cared for her the first time around), but hopefully she will only stay around for the beginning of the next issue :)


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