3d_dedrick's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22 - Venom War; Part 4 review


This comic has been really good so far and i'm glad to see it on my comic store self from week to week. This issue is no exception with it pulling no punches their were time when i wondered how where they going to get out of this or how are the with they going to ret con this certain moment in the end of the issue but luckily, in a way they didn't. With a ending to the venom wars that left my emotion going in so many different ways. This is a issue that i would recommend and can't wait until issue 23 to see what happens next.


i was left a little empty when they revealed venom to be a nobody when we could have an awesome story with maybe's miles uncle or harry osbourn.

i thought it was a really interesting twist to see them kill off miles mom when it was all pointing towards miles dad. Both deaths would've been good but the way we see her fight off venom and care for her son made me have and even deeper connection with and sadness with her death than miles father.

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