scylla's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #19 - Venom War; Part 1 review

New Threat in Old City

This was a pretty solid and fun issue to read, seriously Bendis really knows how to write Spider-Man, and this time was no different. Venom War sets out to be a promising story arc and the first chapter didn't disappoint. Divided We Fall and United We Stand is over and the city is saved , at least for now, but a new Venom rises from the remains of Oscorp Industries, we don't know anything about this new monster but we know that it killed Betty Brant, who was at time a reporter at The Daily Bugle but was fired due her affair with Kraven (which if I remember correct was back in the old Ultimate Spider-Man series, issue 17 I think.) and now J. Jonah Jameson is teaming up(sorta) with Maria Hill in order to uncover the mystery of her death and what she claimed to know about the new Spider-Man. Spider-Man, Miles. He is already grown on me as the new spidey, he really fits the late Peter Parker's shoes. He is funny, still a learner and that is absolutely right, he isn't a pro yet which makes his whole stories funnier and even makes the reader eager to read and learn more about this amazing young boy. So the story is set out, Miles' father has his own demons to fight, Miles and Ganke team up to make more web fluids thank to Peter's formula and the new venom may not be so kindly when he meets someone and the end of the issue(no spoiler for this.)

So all in all I do enjoy this new series, the chapter was a bit slow but awesome as well so I'd give a 4 out of 5 stars and eager to see the second chapter of Venom War from Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli.

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