tomlikesfries's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16 - United We Stand; Part 2 review

Captain America for President!


After a long fight with Hydra, Miles becomes part of the Ultimates and Captain America is now the president of the US.

The Good:

Bendis does a pretty nice job. The story is great, even though it is slow as this whole comic was pretty much Miles and Cap fighting Hydra (I am not complaining!!!! It was an awesome fight).

I had never seen Pepe Larraz's artwork before, but he did a fine job with the pencils. Some things that I truly love about Ultimate Comics Spider-Man is that Miles is still 13 years old, so he gets lots of calls from his worried mom, he has an awesome chubby friend (Ganke) and the best of all is that he doesn't have much responsability, so he is always trying to ''stay cool''.

I didn't like the idea of Miles becoming part of the Ultimates before, but now that he has, I can see that it is an awesome thing! It will be pretty cool to see Thor, Iron Man and Cap in this series.

The Bad:

There wasn't really anything ''bad'' in this issue, but it just wasn't an epic read. Don't get me wrong, it was an awesome comic, but I don't think it deserves a 5 star rating.


Bendis and Pepe Larraz did a great job! 4/5 stars. It wasn't a perfect issue, but it was pretty good.

Buy it?: YES!


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