hahamanhv's Ultimate Avengers #3 - The Next Generation Part 3, The Search Continues... review

Ultimate Comics Avengers Issue 3, SPOILERS

For as much as I love the characters in the Ultimate Universe, I find myself annoyed with these Avengers. Not Hawkeye or Cap, they are awesome at all times. Not Fury, he's Sam Jackson, he can't be anything but bad@$$. But the new characters, Red Wasp, (New) Black Widow, Nerd Hulk, War Machine, and Gregory Stark. They are just not appealing in any way to me. Sorry Millar. Try again. 
And now to spoil things. 
Well, not much to spoil here. We meet Gregory Stark, Tony's older brother. I hated him before I even read his dialogue, but once I did it only added fuel to my fire of hate. I mean, here is a guy who is totally stuck up, takes no enjoyment in anything (He has small talk arranged in his schedule for crying out loud), and he is supposed to be smarter and richer than Tony but you have never heard of him or seen him before. The whole thing makes me cry foul and it just doesn't sit right, but if I accept his inclusion in the Ult. Universe, he does serve his purpose and has his own squad of "heroes" in a way, so bringing him in works fine. 
I also just don't care for War Machine here. I'm not the biggest reader of Iron Man comics or books with War Machine, but I was led to believe the guy had a slight conscious and also, last we saw him in Ultimate Iron Man II, he had a significantly different armor set and was pals with Tony. I just feel like a bit of acknowledgement towards that series would have been made instead of treating him like new, but it's fine. 
Art here is nice, as always. Carlos Pacheco has a fantastic eye for the flow of movement and action and Caps movements work incredibly well in particular. Justin Ponsor keeps up the fantastic colors that make me just stare at a page in awe and Danny Miki only works with two other inkers here, and the three of them have a nice consistency. If this book had nothing else, it has good art that I find easy on the eyes and can easily reflect on. 
On last thing, I don't like his character, but God Almighty I do love War Machine's design. It's a sight the behold that I want to have a toy of so badly. Oh wait, I do. See, I could be crazy here but I find that Ultimate War Machine here resembles the Doombot toy from the Fantastic 4 movie, with some slight re-designs. In fact, I even did my own redesign of the same armor because I liked it when I bought the toy years ago, so seeing the armor here made me angry and very happy all at once. If you don't believe me on this though, check out issue 4, you can see the similarities even more there.
Overall, 3.5 out of 5. I was disappointed because nothing much happens to progress the story or add to it, but I did like the developments to a degree and Cap's non-political-correctness is always fantastic. 

      I definitely see something similar here  
Posted by Aspenite

Nerd Hulk? That´s a funny name!!!

Posted by HaHaManHV
@Aspenite: It's a funny name and they even comment on how it's a funny name (He doesn't like it much, same as Beast didn't like Beast)

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