brewski420's Ultimate Avengers #3 - The Next Generation Part 3, The Search Continues... review


issue 3 starts out with the 1st appearence of war machine! and what a 1st appearence! im just gonna say that he is out for blood. next we see fury and hawkeye meeting gregory stark.(tonys big bro) he's not a nice guy. then we meet the new wasp. she's actually one of the villians in the ultimates 2. she was in the liberators. thought she was dead? guess not. then we meet a new hulk. but he's supposed to be the hulk with intelligence and brute strength. cant wait to see how that turns out. the next character we meet is interesting. its a new spider-man. wonder who he is? clone? at the end of this issue we have all these new avengers finding the renegade captain america in paris.(also the new black widow is in this issue also) the avengers confront cap and then there is all out battle royale. cap manages to almost escape and then comes the war machine. uh oh. cant wait til next issue. this is a very awesome series. i highly recommend picking this up.

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    Ultimate Comics Avengers Issue 3, SPOILERS 0

    For as much as I love the characters in the Ultimate Universe, I find myself annoyed with these Avengers. Not Hawkeye or Cap, they are awesome at all times. Not Fury, he's Sam Jackson, he can't be anything but bad@$$. But the new characters, Red Wasp, (New) Black Widow, Nerd Hulk, War Machine, and Gregory Stark. They are just not appealing in any way to me. Sorry Millar. Try again. And now to spoil things.   Well, not much to spoil here. We meet Gregory Stark, Tony's older brother. I hated him ...

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