fadetoblackbolt's Ultimate Avengers #9 - Crime and Punishment Part 3 of 6 review

Ghost Rider Goes Ultimate

First of all, Ghost Rider could appear on Play School and use the "time-out stare" and he would still be the most badass Marvel character ever. So, realistically, putting him in a book about a bunch of annoying, angry, whiney assassins is a sure-fire hit, right? 
Actually, yeh. Ghost Rider rules. It's a fact. Everyone else in this series, with the exception of Hawkeye, is a giant jaghole. I know they're meant to be hardcore assassins, but aren't I still supposed to care about these people? I want the New Hulk to have his mysoginistic head shoved up his... I want Nick Fury to lose his other eye, his ex-wife to have her head kicked in and James Rhodes to develop claustrophobia while in the suit. 
Honestly, when the Punisher is the most well adjusted and least sociopathic member of a group, there are some series problems. The Punisher does what he does best, so I don't have a problem with him at all. I also like that new Red Wasp, even if she doesn't appear in this issue.
Nevertheless, this Ghost Rider is freaking epic. The Spirit of Vengeance is here, and he will burn you to the ground. I also like the more Christian angle Millar is going for, rather than the Zarathos stuff used in the 616. I think that GR will probably wind up being a schitzophrenic with uber mutant powers in this universe, but I'm really hoping he is the hammer of Satan. Either way, he's still awesome. 
Anyway, that's what I think of the cast. Hawkeye, Punisher, Red Wasp and Ghost Rider are good, everyone else, not so much. 
Leinel Francis Yu is always consistent, and this book is worth it just for his art. He really is a joy to read, and I've loved his work since I first saw it in Superman: Birthright (the only true origin story for the Man of Steel, go die Secret Origins). The colouring is crisp, and clear, and I can't think of any instant when I wasn't impressed visually by this issue. 
Now, Mark Millar. Hmmm. I daresay he is going the way of Frank Miller; exploitation being the name of the game. Every issue involves a bunch of Ubermensch talking about how scary and badass they are. News flash; the most badass characters are the ones who don't need to talk about it. Anyway, people seem to be liking this approach, so who am I to complain? 
Well, there you have it, Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #3; say that five times fast. All in all, a solid and enjoyable, if completely shallow, comic book. Sit down, turn your brain and faith in humanity off, and enjoy the ride. 

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