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Review: Ultimate Captain America #4

Captain America gets all "Ultimate" and beats up Frank Simpson in the conclusion to this mini-series.

The Good

I usually am not the biggest fan of an issue that's almost completely dedicated to fighting, but surprisingly, this issue not only flows incredibly well, but the fight scenes are really cool. Major props to artist Ron Garney for making this issue feel incredibly cinematic.Towards the end, there is an amazing splash page of Captain America hitting Simpson with a huge uppercut. It's the coolest splash page I've seen this week, so far. Might I add that I love the heck out of this cover?

The Bad

I'm a huge Captain America fan, but not so much of the Ultimate Captain America. He's a bit too violent and flat-out ridiculous. Every time I read a book he's in, he sounds like an 80s action film star spouting off tough guy one-liners while beating someone to the point of death. I read three issues of this series, and while I thought Jason Aaron and Rob Garney did a great job issue-to-issue, I felt the overall story was just ok at best. It's not my favorite Ultimate story and certainly not my favorite Captain America story.

The Verdict

While, overall, I really enjoyed this issue, the overall series was just ok. If you just want to see Captain America beat the snot out of the bad guy, however, then pick this issue up because that's exactly what you're going to get. The artwork and writing are great, but just keep in mind that there's a lot of macho man madness happening in this book. Can you dig it? Oh yeah! This one is a borrow.
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Posted by longbowhunter

I loved this issue and the mini as a whole. I'm only a casual reader of Ultimate books but I love Ultimate Capt. America. Even more than the 616 Cap. Think about it, a guy drapped in red, white, and blue with a big "A" on his head called Captain America would have to be an "ugly American". I'm hoping to see a follow up to this.    
Posted by Time_Phantom

To each there own I guess. Ult. Cap to me seems much more authentic to me than mainstream Cap. Good review though.

Not really a Jason Aaronn so I guess this will be more of a read at the comic store and bear the manager yell "this is not a libary!"

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