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An Ultimate Comics groundbreaking miniseries!

 Captain America has met his match, but just who exactly is this nemesis? And what does he want? Superstars JASON AARON (PUNISHERMAX) and RON GARNEY (WOLVERINE: WEAPON X) bring you a gripping tale about what it truly means to wear the flag.     
Captain America wakes up in an infirmary where Carol Danvers is standing over him.  Carol explains that they are in Paris & Cap's assailant is a man named Frank Simpson.  The U.S. Governments most succesful replacement for Captain America during Vietnam.  After years of service he went AWOL and disappeared into the jungle never surfacing again.  Danver's wants Steve to go rogue and hunt down Simpson.  He accepts and punches her in the face before leaping out the window. 
Steve travels to Cambodia in search of Simpson.  There he finds a village and is met by gunfire.  Cap reaches down into a foxhole, pulls out one of the gunmen and demands some information.  "Saloth" is the name of the town he's after.  He finds it only to be met by old men and children who beat him with the strength of super soldiers.  Cap's beaten to the ground when the group clears.    Ultimate Nuke... Frank Simpson stands over a bloody and beaten Captain America...once again.

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