duo_forbidden's Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #5 - Part 5 review

"I told you I was sneaky."

Synopsis: Gregory Stark  who was revealed to be the true mastermind, puts his plans into action. Not if Nick Fury and the New Ultimates have anything to say about it.

What's Good?

 Remember, always eat your veggies

There's a reason why Nick Fury is one of the most dangerous man on the planet, and it's no wonder why Gregory Stark wanted him dead. I was wondering what happened to Tyrone Cash. He plays a significant role for Fury's comeback. But what I really like about this issue is the political aspect of it. Having North Korea play a part in this story is very gusty on Mark Miller's part. How would you approach the situation if freedom fighters would want to overthrow the communist government? But this is all Gregory's plan. Even the Spider, who never did anything up till now plays a role.

Once again, Leinil Yu and Stephen Segovia make the perfect team when it comes to the art. Nice touches on the ethnicity. The only minor complaint I have with the art is the way Punisher, Hawkeye, Blade, Rhodes look Hulked up.

What's Bad?

Nick Fury taking the Hulk pill I can understand, but did his group had to take it as well? It's weird seeing these characters hulked up and it comes off being a bit ridiculous. Also, the transitions for getting everyone together for the big finale next issue comes off a bit sloppy.

With Death of Spider-Man wrapping up in Ultimate Spider-man #160, there's not even a mention of Peter in this issue. Both parties pretty much abandoned him to his fate. Considering what happens in this issue, it's probably better that way. But I wouldn't say that just because Ultimate Spider-Man wrapped up the Death of Spider-Man story, doesn't mean it will be the last we hear about it in Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates.

Overall: It all comes down to the final issue. Like with most of the Ultimate series, it's most likely ending up as one huge battle. While this issue wasn't as great as the previous issues, it's hopefully a set up for something great.


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