duo_forbidden's Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #4 - Part 4 review

Who set Nick Fury and Carol Danvers up?

Synopsis: The person behind framing Nick Fury and Carol Danvers is revealed.

What's Good?

Now this is what I'm talking about. This issue reminded me of the good days of The Ultimates. When it comes to these characters, they get caught in a dangerous game of corruption, betrayal, and deception all for the sake of power. The person who's been setting up both Nick Fury and Carol Danvers is revealed, and I caught on to who it was as continued reading. I like the reason why he's doing it as well despite how petty it seems. Mark Miller's writing is excellent.

And how could I forget about the Death of Spider-man? For those who're following both stories (like me), the first few pages is for Ultimate Spider-man fans. It really gives Spider-man some props for what he did, despite not knowing the situation between The Avengers and Ultimates.

Leinil Yu and Stephen Segovia are wonderful with the artwork. When it comes to the Spider-man it makes his situation look worse than it already is. As for the other characters, it gets brutal especially what happens to Carol. My eyes widened when I saw that page, because it was unexpected.

What's Bad?

Minor complaint, but I thought that Frank Castle was out of character in the beginning. So what if he shot Peter? He never had problem with that a while back. It could be that because Captain America was there he has some kind of respect for him. (and maybe he didn't want to get beat down like Nick Fury did by Captain America).

Overall: Forget about the Death of Spider-man for a moment, and enjoy this issue for what it is. Frank Miller got something great going for this story after the last story story with vampires. I'm so excited for the next issue.

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Posted by MatKrenz

Dude Mark Millar not Frank Miller.
Posted by Duo_forbidden


Posted by AirDave817

Yeah, that "Punish me!" line seemed a bit out there...


I haven't followed The Ultimates since Ultimates 2. I haven't followed Ultimate Avengers...so, this book is a challenge to read.


It took me a while to figure out that Carol Danvers was set up just as much as Nick Fury.


I am noticing that the Ultimate Universe not only plays for keeps...but seems to be growing larger than the main MU... 

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Ultimate Avengers has been great except for the third story arc with vampires. That story went nowhere.  But I wouldn't say that the Ultimate Universe is growing larger, I think it's growing smaller just because they are playing for keeps. Almost half the characters from the mainstream comics are dead with more deaths coming.

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