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Review: Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #3

The Ultimate New Avengers and the Ultimate New Ultimates go at it in this Ultimate confrontation! However, could this be the Ultimate Death of Ultimate Spider-Man at the hands of Ultimate Punisher? ULTIMATE!

The Good

Sometimes, on Wednesdays, it feels like Christmas, and other Wednesdays, it feels like I'm watching bad youtube videos that have no redeeming value. This book, with the abnormally long title, feels more like Christmas morning, but the only thing on television is Rebecca Black's video "Friday" over and over and over again, and you can't turn off the television because your mother swears she likes the song, and she also forgot to get you a present.

Anyway, while this book features my favorite Marvel Comics artist, Leinil Yu, it also features the writing of Mark Millar, who I love most of the time, but as of recently, I've lost a bit of interest in. For me, this issue is all about the art and the action. They are phenomenal, especially if you take the individual panels out of context. No one does art better than Leinil Yu. As for what is actually happening in this issue, I didn't really care. It felt like the whole issue was just a set up for the last page. Which all looked so cool.

The Bad

Story wise, I could care less. Like I said earlier, it looked great, but it just wasn't interesting. I love stories and films that are over-the-top, but this book has a bit too much of it, and frankly, it's embracing the "extreme" mentality of the 90s a bit too much. Iron Man is drunk and announces it before he goes into battle, like every 90s action film, Captain America gets into a no holds barred battle with Nick Fury, everyone is punching everyone in the face until they're all beaten and bloody... I get it.

The Verdict

If you love great art, you'll want to pick this book up, but I can't recommend it as a whole. I usually really enjoy Mark Millar's work, but this story is probably my least favorite thing I've read that he is written. I can't recommend this issue, and frankly, I can't recommend the death of Ultimate Spider-Man. It's just not good. And the only reason it gets three stars is because Yu's work on this book is fantastic.
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Posted by Deadcool

I love Yu's style, thanks for the review...

Posted by Jake Fury

Loving this series so far. 

Posted by doordoor123

I think Death of Spider-man isnt really a story, its more something happened. Kind of like a build up. Maybe the Death of Spider-man leads into something.

Posted by yeopop

It's like the writers are running out of ideas.
Posted by Osiris1428


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