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Approximately 100 years ago Ultarnt was commissioned by the genetic council to study the sacred ritual of Terrigenesis. Ultarnt's studies uncover revelations with implications so far reaching that the research is buried and kept secret from the general population and even members of the Inhuman Royal Family. The mutations that result from Terrigenesis have always been believed to be random, fulfilling a particular Inhuman's genetic potential alone. Ultarnt discovered that mutations are not random, and mirror the needs of Inhuman society. When an integral member of Inhuman society dies a replacement comes up within a matter of only three years. In times of climate change mutations adapt suitably. During times of strife or war, appropriate mutations are also seen.

Because of the far-reaching implications of Ultarnt's research, the knowledge gained was kept from the Inhuman population as a whole. Until recently, not even Black Bolt or Medusa had heard of this study.

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