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Abusively called "Uglyhead" by his fellow classmates, this young man developed an equally ugly personality - and was planning who he would let live and who he would let die in the future. The ability to enforce this desire came when he realized he could see people's thoughts, like though balloons in a comic. He supposed this might make him God, and thus he went a step further from seeing people's thoughts to enforcing his own will upon them. He encouraged a pretty young woman who was once mean to him to eat pizza and junk food, gaining weight and developing pimples, because Uglyhead forced her to think how worthless she was. The Circus of Maggots, Sheeda insect like creatures, where the ones who gave Uglyhead his powers, and by using Uglyhead they where able to similarly infect and harvest all of the children at the school. At this point Frankenstein awoke from a long sleep from whence he was buried in the ground near the school - and found that evil still existed in this future time. Uglyhead tried to read Frankenstein's mind, but could not control him - so Frankenstein proceeded to kill Uglyhead, chopping off his head. Frankenstein subsequently burned down the entire school and all of the bodies, to prevent the Circus of Maggots from spreading.

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