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Tyvokka was in the council he was one of the greatest Jedi ever. His padawan Plo koon was a very powerful jedi, Tyvokka knew he would be a great jedi. They were good friends after Plo koon got the ranking of Jedi Knight, Tyvokka Suggested for him to be in the council, And still kept him encourage to join the council. Him Plo koon and Qui-Gon were sent to do a mission on Troiken to stop Nute Gunray, He commanded a army of droids to go after them, They fought carefully and paitently, Waiting for Nute Gunray. During the battle Tyvokka was injured by droids shooting everywhere, Qui-gon was slashing the droids trying to save him but failed to do so. They took him to the ship as he died, Plo koon replaced Tyvokka  in the council.

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