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Tyrr and his cousin, Jarr, hailed from the Microverse world known as Bast, where a nuclear war had left their world devastated, with barely any plants, animals, or even people left alive. With the use of a device that could observe other dimensions, Jarr came across Earth, and hoped to siphon off energy from it in order to power reconstruction devices and weapons which would allow him to conquer what was left of his people. Tyrr opposed Jarr's desire to conquer, and felt that perhaps it would be best to learn from their people's past mistakes with technology and rely on their natural skills and abilities instead to rebuild their civilization.


Tyrr was created by Mike Friedrich, George Tuska, and Vince Colletta.

Major Story Arcs

The Curtain Rises On... "Deathplay!"

After escaping from the rubble that it had been buried under by Iron Man during a battle, the Super-Adaptoid found its acquired powers to have vanished, and it ended up evolving from its artificial flesh into a metal-based being, the Cyborg-Sinister,  which was all part of Jarr's plan, to which Tyrr remained uneasy.

Now Stalks the Cyborg-Sinister!

Under Jarr's command, the Cyborg-Sinister went to Stark Industries in order to find the chemicals necessary to generate an explosion, the energy of which could be channeled back to Jarr's machines in Bast. Iron Man quickly arrived on the scene to stop the Cyborg, and managed to knock it into the chemicals it was planning the use, causing them to eat away at its body. His plan thwarted, Jarr prepared to detonate the Cyborg and kill Iron Man. 
Not willing to allow his cousin to commit murder, Tyrr tried to stop Jarr. Their ensuing struggle caused Jarr's computer console to explode, disabling the Cyborg. With Jarr's plans having failed, Tyrr looked towards the future and hoped that his people could learn to rebuild their world without the rule of machines. 

Powers and Abilities

Tyrr was a fairly intelligent individual with access to his homeworld's highly advanced technology.

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