ssfmm's Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem! #2 - Take Me Away part 2 review


Well this issue of MAYHEM! I thought it was done well it when into the backstory of Mayhem and find out a lot of details in Dante's life some of which he just found out. This issue saw a flashback of Dante as a child in which his mother was being attacked by a boyfriend Dante went to help but ended getting cut across his eye which explains his scar.... it ends with Dante shooting the boyfriend.  Then you see his mom marrying Big X.  Dante then stops a drug deal by blowing the place up. Big X gets mad and hires mercenaries know as The Four Corners to hunt and kill Mayhem. Mayhem then runs into them as is beat by all four, they leave him to die and blow up the car he is left beside. But as we all know NOTHING CAN STOP MAYHEM(I Lied) but then Malice,  Mayhem sister's revels that Big X killed there mom which obviously gives Mayhem more of a reason to kill Big X.... to be continued 

The Good

I likes this issue i liked how it told a little bit of the back story and a little bit about his life so you can understand the character. What I also like about this issue is the art it wasn't to explosive which I liked. 

The Bad

I liked everything in this issue 

The Verdict

I give this issue a 5/5 I think you should buy comic it's fun and interesting, you may end up liking it

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