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Carnage and deceit

Summary and scans can be seen here 
The Good
Well crafted story, I was surprised by it actually since the script was top notch. We got enough background on the hero to want to read more , we got a bit on his motivations and even something to look forward to with Big X's daughter being the one working with mayhem. Does she want to take over his empire by killing him or is she really fed up with his criminal lifestyle? only time will tell. 
The art and colors were also noteworthy conveying enough details for the killing to be shocking but not enough for it to be over the top. Although the gore was integral part of the story much like blood in Mortal Kombat. :) 
I salute Tyrese I was not expecting to like this :)
The Bad
I wasn't wowed......everything was good but it has the potential for more.
The Ugly
3.5 stars

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    INCLUDES SPOILERS  i think the first issue of Tyrese's MAYHEM is great. the comic includes action from the very start. there is a good action scene involving mayhem and mr. chang - set in his restaurants kitchen. mayhem sets off a fire on the oven and stuffs mr. changs head in. he later kills him by sticking two chopsticks in his neck. mayhem later attends a church where the priest asks him not to kill people but mayhem leaves. there is a scene where a deal takes place on a ship - and once agai...

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