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An alien being from the planet Dheron, located in the same planetary system as Superman's planet Krypton. His race was involved in a lengthy war with the Kryptonians. After many years of war, the people of Dheron finally destroyed Krypton using advanced technology provided to them, making Krypton's core unstable which resulted in the planet exploding. But not all Kryptonians perished. One baby managed to escape in the last possible minute. Tyrell found out about this and began searching about it. He visited many worlds during his search, destroying them when he wasn't finding the kryptonian there. Eventually he and his fleet arrived in Earth and began their attack there. The army was unable to fight back. Meanwhile the baby that had grown up to become Superman, attacked Tyrell and his forces. During the fight Tyrell explained to him what happened to Krypton and that he was planning to do the same thing to Earth as well. He trapped Superman using red sun light radiation and resumed his plan. Superman manged to escape with the help of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen and with his reconstructed spaceship, destroyed Tyrell's main ship, killing him and destroying the rest of his forces.

Powers and Abilities

As an alien being from the same planetary system as Superman, he also gained abilities under the light of the yellow sun. In his only appearance Tyrell displayed super strength and durability, powerful enough to successfully engage Superman in a fight. He was also capable of flying and was equipped with a tail, sharp enough to penetrate Superman's invulnerable skin.

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