Tyrant Chronology

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Tyrant , to be, is one of the best character marvel has created, awesome badass , but sadly marvel doesn't use the character very often which is sad.

So in homage to the character i adore, there is a chronology thread for Tyrant.

OriginalTyrant before being de-powered.

Very little is known about Tyrant apart from the fact that he was created by Galactus and was made to be roughly his equal. Lets quote some issues and scans :)

The explanation of why Tyrant was "possibly" created was shown in Cosmic Powers 06

Cosmic Powers 06: So Thanos talks about Tyrant origin to Tyrant himself, LOL. So Tyrant was created when the universe was stll young, but why tyrant was created is unclear. While Galactus was happy eating one planet at a time, and surviving, Tyrant wanted more, so to get it he fights Galactus.

We see more details of the fight earlier in the same issue, and it is said that Galactus won and reduced Tyrant to what he is now, a cosmic bad-ass but a little less threatening than what he originally was:

Apart from that we know very little about full powered Tyrant.

De-powered Tyrant.

He only has a handful of appearence but his feats are pretty good, lets document those :)

Silver Surfer Volume 3, 79: One shotted Gladiator

Same issue he one shots Beta Ray Bill

Silver Surfer , volume 3, 80: Few of Tyrant robots take Morg and Terrax captive, but they were already weakened having fought with each other for quite some time.

Silver Surfer , volume 3 81: Tyrant's ship in size rivals that of Galactus, cool :)

Silver surfer destroyed a bunch of his robots but is beaten rather easily by Tyrant

Silver Surfer volume 3 82:So heroes are captured, then comes Jack of Hearts, who expels all his energy thereby freeing heroes.

Sadly for heroes Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, Surfer, Ganymede , Morg and Terrax, prove insufficient to fight Tyrant, who rather handily beat them up

Then Galactus enters the picture, but they dont fight because their fight would cause a lot of collateral damange to the universe which Galactus hopes to avoid, which kind of shows they are closer in power level. Tyrant keeps Morg as his prisoner.

Next we hear from Tyrant during Cosmic Powers story arc.

Cosmic Power 06: Tyrant easily beats a team of Ganymede, Terrax, Legacy and Jack of Hearts

Enters Thanos, who steals his orb of knoweledge and teleports away.

Silver Surfer volule 3, 106: Knowing that Tyrant is coming for him, the first thing Galactus does is eats a planet, further showing that they are of similar power level

Silver Surfer volume 3, 107: Tyrant and Galactus meet and talk, they dont fight in this issue

Silver Surfer volume 3, 108: Now the fight starts, and Tyrant would have won this fight. First Galactus tries to blast Tyrant but Tyrant simply absorbs Galactus's blast making him stronger. Galactus then tries to imprison him within the ship and siphon away his powers, Tyrant, thanks to his techno-control, breaks free and changes the polarity so instead of Galactus absorbing Tyrant energy, Tyrant ends up absorbing Galactus's energy. Tyrant then topples galactus and even makes him bleed.

Silver Surfer volume 3, 109: Tyrant is about to finish off Galactus, who is nearly powerless here. Then Morg enters the scene with ultimate nullifer, and with a little intervention from Tyrant's herald, Morg merges with UN, he then uses it to defeat Tyrant

He appears next during Cosmic Power Unlimited story arc, but apart from appearing alive doesnt really do anything, so not posting those scans.

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Tyrant proves to be a real powerhouse in the universe. Even though he was made in Big G's image, he seems to have somewhat better feats than Galactus. (as far as who he stomps and in what fashion). Even depowered, he seems formidable. Nice thread!!

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Nice Thread

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@killemall: what happen to images in fight thanos?

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@killemall Hey you mind reposting Tyrant's fight with Thanos? The links to the pic are broken.

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