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Tyler is an agent of the FBI and worked alongside Jessica Fallon up until his death.

Character Creation

Tyler Evans was created by Ron Marz and Sami Basri in 2011 and first appeared in Voodoo #1: "Keeping Secrets".

Character Evolution

Not much is known about Tyler Evans other than the fact that he has a rather large ego and is over confident. This leads him to order a private dance from Priscilla Kitaen and attempt to blackmail her. This only results in his early demise as Voodoo transforms into her alien form and proceeds to slaughter him. Voodoo impersonates him as she travels to the hotel where Tyler was staying with Jessica, and it appears that prior to his death he had a sexual relationship with Jessica.

Major Story Arcs

Tyler is working cover in a strip club undercover as a customer to observe Priscilla Kitaen who they believe to be an alien. Tyler enjoys the show a little too much for Jessica's taste causing her to leave him alone in the club. Tyler orders a private dance from Voodoo and as soon as he reveals his true nature to her he is killed on the spot. Voodoo impersonates him to get information from Jessica and sleeps with her. Afterwards Jessica receives news that Tyler was found dead rendering Voodoo's disguise useless.

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