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Tyki Mikk ( ティキ・ミック , Tiki Mikku) represents the "Pleasure" of Noah. He is the younger brother of Sheryl Kamelot and the uncle of Road Kamelot. He is voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki in the Japanese dub of the anime. The Earl once mentions that Tyki subconsciously suppresses his Noah. But it has consumed him, The Earl mentions this as Tyki's awakening and expects this from Noah with the "Pleasure" memories in the future generations.

He first appears as a Portuguese vagabond who enjoys playing poker and traveled with his three friends looking for work. As a Noah, he holds the title of "Lord" and seems well-known in society. He has killed the most Exorcists in the series so far, destroying the Innocence of and almost killing the protagonist Allen Walker on three occasions. Tyki enjoys living the two very different sides of his life, but seems to fear losing his three human friends the most.

Tyki has the ability to "choose" what he wants to touch. This selective interaction with his environment allows him to walk on water or air and harmlessly pass through anything, with the exception of Innocence. He often uses this ability to remove one of an Exorcist's vital organs without damaging any other part of the body. Tyki has also shown the ability to "reject" the atmosphere, creating a vacuum in which only he can breathe. He can also control Tease, a man-eating golem in the shape of a butterfly, a gift from the Earl. All of his abilities are multiplied after he is consumed by the Noah within him after a failed attempt to exorcise it from him is performed by Allen Walker. Tyki takes on the appearance of a demon-knight and gains speed and strength the surpasses any human's as well as hundreds of vines growing out of his back that he can control remotely. His holy marks, which previously disappeared due to the exorcism, are replaced by a single, large Holy Mark visible at the base of his neck. Later, his appearance returns to normal except for a remaining gray skin tone.

Introduced shortly after Krory joins the Black Order, Tyki does not seem to be of major importance to the story at first. However, he is later called away by the Earl and is seen as a Noah receiving orders to kill everyone listed down as having a connection with a certain person. Immediately after, Tyki encounters Daisya Barry and kills him, adding several more Exorcists to the count later on. After killing Suman Dark, he meets Allen Walker and destroys his Innocence. The Exorcist is left for dead after his heart is punctured by the Tease. In Edo, he learns that Allen is still alive and meets the Earl with the other Noah. He sends an Akuma to China with orders to kill Allen and battles the Exorcists shortly after. He is seen on the collapsing Ark when he gives the Exorcist party the key to Road's exit and three other doors and when he and Road are waiting in the final room before the exit. Tyki battles Allen, but eventually "cracks" and creates a vacuum trapping Allen. However, Allen breaks from it and exorcises him with the new form of his Innocence. This supposedly turned Tyki into a normal human. However, Tyki is later consumed by his Noah and overpowers the Exorcists until he is defeated by Cross and saved by the Earl before the finishing blow. He is later seen at a ball with Road and his older brother Sheryl and subsequently at the pair's home.

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