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When a Malay tribe decides that for their next sacrifice to appease the tigers of the jungle they need a white boy they attack an American explorer and his wife who are in the area, due to their having their infant Tyrone Gorman with them.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorman being quickly killed the baby is tossed into the jungle, however instead of killing him a tigress named Malma raises him as one of her cubs.

By the time he is 12 the boy, who remembers no human sounds but the first  syllables of his first and last name, meaning the only thing he can say is “Ty-Gor,” and he says this a lot, is a master of both the jungle and the tigers in it.

Having the usual jungle boy adventures, Ty-Gor in time meets an explorer and his daughter Joan Davis who, along with teaching him a few more words beside Ty-Gor, take him and Malma back to civilization and the fortune that has been waiting for him all along.  

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