What feats does Two face have

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What has Two face actual done aside from beating up dick grayson when he was robin? Haw he ever really challenged Batman?

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Bumping because I'd like to hear an answer to this question.

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Aside from that stuff, in my opinion, his most impressive feat is as a lawyer, not a criminal. In... No Man's Land, I think, Two-Face was a judge of a trial for Bruce Wayne. Defense was demanded for Bruce, Two-Face would only allow a legal attorney, so the only one at hand was called: Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent called Two-Face as a witness and successfully argued himself into submission in Bruce's defense, proving he's a much better lawyer than he is a criminal sociopath.

True, it may not be as showy as someone shooting the wings off a fly, but I still like it.

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@JonSmith: I remember reading scans of that scene. It was classic, but not a feat for Two-Face since he lost to Harvey Dent. ;)

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In Hush he shot down Hush when he held Batman hostage. Gordon couldn't make the shot but Harvey did from the same angle without injuring Batman. But that too was Harvey, not Two-Face.

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He beat up Killer Croc in hand to hand once.. Even though that was incredibly stupid.

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1) He was trained by Batman in h2h and served as protector of Gotham during the "52" event/storyline. It was then he beat Croc.

2) He planed for and killed a group of c-listers in "Face the Face".

3) In a confrontation with Nightwing, he was able to block some of Nightwing's strikes and Grayson was impressed. He was not looking to fight Nightwing in that confrontation.

4) He was trained by Deathstroke in the use of weapons (mostly as a sniper) and in the same storyline as above he was able to snipe his target that was guarded by Nightwing.

5) In his Forever Evil oneshot he wiped out every crook that crossed his path.

6) In Long Halloween it was shown that Dent kept in excellent shape, going as far as having weight lifting equipment in his D.A. office.

7) Finally in the conclusion of Face the Face (after he took out the c-listers) he fought Batman and Robin at the same time in a zoo armed with his guns and more than held his own.

Overall Dent is quite skilled and dangerous (especially for a Bats villain, who most of thetc e time are dumb powerful brutes like Clayface or criminal mastermind wimps like Riddler, but Dent is the best of both worlds). He is above any normal goon or non trained Bats villain, better than Joker, Riddler, Vetriloquist, but not as skilled as say Hush or Wraith.

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