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The Twist is a collection of Gen-Factor rejects and orphans in selective numbers who were abducted or ran away from persecutive backlash to form a Manson Family styled cult or "family" engaged in degeneracy and crime. The original members consisted of Virginia Dentata, Texas, Smoking Boy, Blind Lemon, and their leader Menlove as well as selectively abducted and mentally impaired youths imprisoned in a basement.

Menlove was a prior I.O. operative and analyst of select Gen-Factor children he chose to relocate to enslave to his own warped revolutionary ideals that were less than rape and murder of innocents. The Gen-Factor Twist members: Virginia Dentata, a woman with a porous mouth and teeth to her stomach; Smoking Boy is a hyperkinetic pyrotic of chaffed skin and a crack habit; Texas is a cowboy who has invulnerable skin; and Blind Lemon, the more moral member, is a precognate who suffers some difficulties to her future flashes and memory.

The Deviants were summoned to acquire means of investigating a ritual murder of a family in Los Angeles in the accompany of their security officer Sideways Bob. Afterwards to select intel measures, Deviants Bliss, Copycat, Frostbite, Powerhaus, and Sublime set to a desert locale to encounter an abandoned home in the dark of the Twist to initiate them to join their mercenary team. Bliss would come to learn that Menlove had previously sexually abused her in the captive of I.O. and set orders for the Deviants to eliminate the Twist. Sublime murdered Smoking Boy, Copycat telepathically lead Texas to stab himself, Evo murdered Virginia Dentata and Frostbite set to absorb the heat of the night desert sand to cause a firestorm that incinerated the house and allegedly killed some of the original Twist which included the innocent precognate Blind Lemon and a series of mentally deficient gen-factor kids in the basement.

Upon returning to New York to gain explaination to the lack of intel on the Twist's true origins and their ties to their own powers, Ivana Biaul simply thanked the team on their assassinations stated the Twist were despite gene trash perverts also plausible insiders who may have known more about the Deviants origins than they suspected. They bitterly continued to operate for Ivana on the snub.

Months followed in Deviant ranks leading Powerhaus to die, Threshold to suffer trauma, and Frostbite set to quit the Deviants completely. The Twist returned with their latest inductee, Empty, who murdered two store patrons in daylight hours only to request himself to be arrested before the media. Empty publically used his powers of invisibility and sensory deprivation to escape undetected and was sought by Ivana to have his powers used to their ends. She assigned Bliss, Evo and Sideways Bob to allocate Empty within the city of his crimes only to have the trio undergo personal hatreds on each other. Stalling near a homestead, Empty attacked the three only to abduct Bliss into a home where Texas and Candielion had previously killed the original homeowners as to conspire to murder or induct the Deviants to the Twist. Evo abducted Candielion to extort Texas to free Bliss to a cynical bluff to later have the three Twist members leave the home before Evo set to release Bliss and consider quitting the Deviants. As of since the Twist and their activities have not been recorded.

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