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The Twilight Guardian is lonely and possibility depressed woman who seeks solace in patrolling her neighborhood as a superhero. It is hinted that need that her need to patrol is fueled by a type of OCD.

The real name of Twilight Guardian has not been revealed.



First Appearance

Writer Troy Hickman stated "Twilight Guardian first appeared in a mini-comic trilogy I did in the early 90s called Tales of the Pathetic Club, which was about a doctor who studies people with various forms of OCD (in my opinion still one of the best things I've written). The idea for TG, and all the folks in Pathetic Club, came from my own anxiety-ridden, ritualistic noggin" 

In another interview Hickman talks about the original Twilight Guardian was a 35 to 40 year old black female, but despite the changes Hickman say he is pleased with development and he has not strayed from his original concept of the character. In 2008 the Twilight Guardian was one of the two winners of  Top Cow Pilot Season. The Twilight Guardian mini

series was relased in 2011.

Major Story Arcs

Pilo tSeason 2008

This narrative story begins with the Twilight Guardian writing in her journal. She writes about how she patrols a nine block area in her neigbor hood. It is seen that reads books about criminology and has large map of her nine blocks that she patrols on her wall. She explains her nightly perparations for patrol. While on her way out she checks her answering machine. The Twilight Guardian's mother leaves a message about setting up a game night and mentions see her daughter's ex boyfriend with a new woman. She turns off the machine and hits the streets.  

While on patrol she investigates a house that still has a Christmas tree, a suspicious car with two people in it, and neighborhood teen playing basketball late into the night. After feeding a local cat she stops by a donut shop before ending her shift.At home she writes she likes her job working at a dry cleaners because she can wash her costume without nobody else seeing it. See watches America's Most Wanted for research before reading a comic and going on patrol. She sees another suspicious car at a fast food joint. After evading a pack of raccoons she tells the man the place is closed. Later she notices a man starring at her from across the street. She wants to approach him but his side of the street is out of her jurisdiction, she writes "I mite be stepping on another heroes toes" She helps a woman with a flat tire and refuses any gifts for the woman, she writes "Justice is it's own reward" Afterwards she sees the same suspicious car from the night before and the people in the car drive off before she gets a good look.  
The next night before going on patrol she thinks about dressing up a sock monkey and calling it Midnight writing "Probably will be the closest thing I'll ever have to a sidekick", but decides not to and writes "Your only true companion is justice" While on patrol, she sees the same car again parked with the light off and the engine running. She writes that she finally got the courage to hastily walk up to the car and see what the people are doing in side. It was two teenagers making out. She thought about lecturing the but she rather not. She writes "If there's one thing I know, is that where there's no love there's on justice"

Pilot Season Winner Mini Series

Ready for Action
This story begins with the Twilight Guardian writing about how the struggle for justice defines and that she has yet to encounter her opposite, her villain, until now. Apparently there has been someone randomly attacking people in her neghborhood, the media calls him the Dusk Devil. While on patrol the Twilight Guardian fails to confront a suspicious man. Afterwards see realizes that she is off her game. The next day she looks to resolve some issues with her ex-boyfriend, John, but apparently he has gone missing. She gives the Police a statement, and then she thinks about investigating the manner herself. After heading home after a night of patrolling she notices that someone has opened her door. Suspecting it to be the Dusk Devil she searches the house but finds nothing amiss. Later after walking up she checks her e-mail finds an invite for the Twilight Guardian for meeting of The Real Super Hero Team of America.  

Looking to meet some other crime fighters the Twilight Guardian goes out of state to attend the comic book convention where The Real Super Hero Team of America is meeting. When writing about her drive to the convention the Twilight Guardian admits that the reason she wants to meeting other crime fighters is because she has a deep filling of loneness. She writes about how she lied to her mother about still taking her medication. After checking in at a hotel under fake name she checks out the event grounds. After spending the day enjoying watching people in costumes and buying a buch of comics, she goes, back to her hotel room and prepares for the meeting.


Team Work

At the meeting the Twilight Guardian immediately fills at home. She meets  Strong Right Arm of Justice Dr. Double-Danger , Wendy City ,  Captain Community , and  Vermilion Claw. She makes an instant connection with them. They share crime fighting tips, and then agree meet up the next night for patrol. The next day she goes to at the event grounds to looks for a issue of Planet Team #32. While on the hunt she notices a man watching her. Later she meets a vender who says stole a expensive comic from him, she decides to help him find the culprit. At night she tells rest of the members of The Real Super Hero Team of America about the stolen comic and they decide help.  


While on patrol with the team, the Twilight Guardian notices that same from earlier man staring her again, but she ignores him and continues on the mission. The next day she figures out that the vendor misplace the comic, after wards the team spends the last day of the convention having fun. At the end of the day the members of The Real Super Hero Team of America give their heartfelt good byes before they depart. After the split the Twilight Guardian writes who she already filling lonesome, at that moment the stranger from before begins to approach her. she clinches her roll of quarters and braces herself. the man pulls out a business card and says that he is comic book publisher, that he has been watching her, and he wants to feature her in a comic book. The Twilight Guardian is shocked. 

Dad is Home

After reminiscing about how her father got her into comics and how he left her when she was a child, the Twilight Guardian, reads a sample Twilight Guardian    issue Avernus Comics sent her before starting patrol. The next day she drives by her ex-boyfriends house, who is still missing, wonders if the Dusk Devil is behind the disappearance. At night she reads another sample issue before starting patrol again. while on patrol she spots a man looking at her and she runs out of her jurisdiction to catch him but he gets away. The next day she visits her mother and afterwards she goes home and reads another sample issue, and once she is finished with the issue, she, throws all the sample issues away. While suiting up for patrol she realizes that some one broke into her house again. While searching he house her dad suddenly appears.


The Twilight Guardian has no super powers but she does have tools. 


Crime Fighting Quarters

A roll of quarters she keeps in her pocket to add to her punching power.

Ninja Climbing Claws

Never really needed them but keeps them around just in case. 

Deer Jerkey

This little baggy of deer jerky to throw off dogs, cats, and racoons off her trail while patrolling.

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