How would you make Tweedledee cool?

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 Disclaimer: This is part 7 of a series of topics I am going to post (One for each day this week) about how to make "lame" Batman villains cool. I seriously need some feedback from you for a Batman project I'm working on. All ideas have to be totally original. No comic book rip offs.

Today's will be Tweedledee and Tweedledum. As far as I'm concerned, they are the same person anyway. Both cousins will get an identical post on their respective pages. If you so desire, you may give your ideas for both of them in whichever post you happen to come across. Is this confusing? Probably, but so is DC's reason for keeping these overweight cousins around.

The Tweeds are quite possibly one of the most useless pair of villains I have ever had the misfortune of seeing in a comic book. One of my favorite fanfiction authors had this to say on the Tweed cousins in one of her chapters: "Crane wasn't surprised the rotund duo had been recaptured without Batman's help; an eight year old junior deputy armed with a BB gun and a plastic badge could have probably taken them down." By the way, the fanfiction I am quoting would be Revenge of the Nerds, by Night Monkey. Great story, check it out along with it's prequel Nerd at the following URL address: (

Anyway, my point is pretty obvious. The Tweeds need to either get serious about villainy or hang up the beanie caps (yet another reason why I hate them). Tomorrow's post will be: Polka-Dot Man. And yes, I know how in the disclaimer it says "one for each day this week ", but Batman has a lot of crappy enemies, and this epic saga of lame villains might be longer than I anticipated.

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Just because you hate them, doesn't mean others (at least I hope) hates them...take myself for instance. Not everyone has to be dead serious, all dangerous, super scary, strategic to the teeth enemies. In fact, it would be BORING if everyone was.

CHEERS to diminuitive, roly-poly, beanie capped wearing, identical cousin diversity!

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