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Tweak was born on a planet far from earth, rising to become one of his planets leaders.

When humans eventually arrived on his planet, Tweak and the other elders held a meeting to decide what the best course of action would be, after probing the minds of the humans from afar they found them to be an unpredictable race often motivated by greed and anger.

Unsure of what to do, Tweak used his powers of precognition, and found that it they revealed themselves to the humans, the humans would eventually overrun their planet destroying the environment and mining all of their precious gems.

Due to this prediction the Elders decided to keep themselves secret, but unfortunately Tweak's wife and child were captured by the humans, not wanting to be separated Tweak gave himself up.

Tweak and his family pretended to be stupid, so as not to arouse interest in their planet, something which would invariably lead to humans eventually discovering their civilization. The four aliens were sent to a zoo on Earth, but were eventually separated.

Tweaks family were shot dead in his absence.


Tweak was created by Pat Mills and Brian Bolland. Appearing in the Judge Dredd series of comic books, the character was first introduced in 1978, in 2000AD issue 69.

Major Story Arcs

The Cursed Earth

Tweak was an alien slave in the The Cursed Earth who was rescued and befriended by Judge Dredd when the Judge traveled from Mega-City One to Mega-City Two delivering a vaccine for the killer virus 2T(FRU)T.

After the mission was successful Judge Dredd arranged for Tweak to be returned to his own planet.

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