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 (Tusken Raiding Party)
Long ago, Tusken Raiders were called the 'Sand People' because of the fact that they lived in the desert on Tatooine. They later were known as 'Tusken Raiders' because of there attacks on Fort Tusken. Tusken culture doesn't allow any exposure to the face whatsoever. Tusken clans travel on beasts called Banthas, going from place to place to raid many people. Story telling was important to many of the Tusken's lives. 
Tusken's used two main weapons to raid settlers, the gaderffii and the tusken cycler. 
(Tusken with a 'Gaffi') 
 (Gaderffii) Gaderffii 
Created to be most effective in close combat, the gaderffi was their weapon of choice. The Tusken's didn't adopt the idea of using modern weapons and disliked it. On average this weapon was about four feet long in total and had two weapon-heads. Usually, the materials used to make these were scavenged out of steel and iron. 
Tusken Cycler
Unlike many guns in the universe, the Cycler's shot Slugthrower bullets and not blaster bolts. The weapon produced a solid formed energy-shot. Tusken raiders also focused on the idea of sniping, they added scopes onto their rifles. The Cycler had great accuracy due to the reason of the barrel being very long. The range of this rifle is up to 200 meters and weighed around 5 kilograms. Tusken's didn't use this rifle when an enemy is in the area under 30 meters because the of the rate the Slugthrower could be shot at. 

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