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Tusk, like all Elephantmen, was created by Dr. Nikken and the MAPPO corporation as a result of horrific genetic manipulation. The Elephantmen were born of human females who were killed and discarded during the process. The Elephantmen were trained to be the perfect soldiers. Being the "strongest of the weak links" Tusk was subjected to testing beyond the capacity of any other. His body was tested against every nerve agent and chemical weapon known to man and though his body survived, his mind was left destroyed. After the U.N. liberated the Elephantmen, Tusk was kept alive, but locked away at Saint Francis hospital.


Tusk was created by writer Richard Starking.

Major Story Arcs


For more information: Elephantmen

While locked away in his cell, Tusk is taunted by Keimond, who promises once Tusk is dead that he will cut off his remaining tusk and sell it to Serengheti. When an accident puts Obadiah Horn in the ER at St. Francis, Keimond calls Serengheti to move in. Serengheti's men arrive and shoot Keimond in the head, knocking him into the door release for Tusk's cell. Tusk escapes but is pursued by Trench. Tusk is later killed because they believed that he was hurting an old lady. Postmortem Tusk's skull has been sent to Sahara to scare her and is now being used by Yvette who is disguising herself as Razorback.

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