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A pirate captain from the past, now part man and part machine, and now in the present time, is searching for his treasure, and nobody better stand in his or his followers' way, including Turok and company.

Captain Red has set out with his crew to find his treasure from a few hundred years ago. Unfortunately and ironically he sets out on his adventure at the exact college that Turok and his friends are visiting. Captain Red and crew go to the college library to get new maps of the location and in the turmoil take a young woman the Andy Howell had an affinity for. Andy charges Red and is quickly knocked back but, as soon as he is rebuffed Turok steps up and battles Red. Just as it looks like Turok has the upper hand Misfire knocks Turok down. This is too much for Andy who again goes back to get Red and is slashed across the chest for his effort.

The battle over and Red having what he came for leaves. Turok cradles a badly wounded Andy and calls for help. Before Red can get too far Turok runs after him swearing that he will pay.







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