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THE GOLD KEY UNIVERSE BEGINS HERE! Classic Characters by some of Comics Hottest Creators! - Magnus, Solar, Turok and Dr. Spektor! Dynamite is proud to present an all-new adventure ongoing from superstar GREG PAK (Batman/Superman, World War Hulk) and incredible artist MIRKO COLAK (Red Skull: Incarnate, Conan)! Shunned from his tribe, a young Native American named Turok fights to survive, making a lonely life for himself in the unforgiving forest. But his hard-won cunning and survival skills face the ultimate test when man-eating THUNDER LIZARDS attack his people! Why are dinosaurs here? How have they survived? And will Turok use his abilities to save a society that's taken everything away from him?

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverBart Sears1
SubSubscription CoverJae Lee3
ReorderReorder Variant CoverRob Liefeld4
RERetailer Exclusive Cover - Cards, Comics & CollectiblesSean Chen5
RESRetailer Exclusive Sketch Cover - Cards, Comics & CollectiblesSean Chen6
RERetailer Exclusive Cover - Heroes & FantasiesKen Haeser7
RESRetailer Exclusive Sketch Cover - Heroes & FantasiesKen Haeser8
RESRetailer Exclusive Sketch Cover - Heroes HavenPaul Pelletier9
REVRetailer Exclusive Virgin Cover - Heroes HavenPaul Pelletier10
RERetailer Exclusive Cover - Larry's ComicsBob Layton11
RESRetailer Exclusive Sketch Cover - Larry's ComicsBob Layton12
RERetailer Exclusive Cover - Maximum ComicsCraig Rousseau13
RESRetailer Exclusive Sketch Cover - Maximum ComicsCraig Rousseau14
RERetailer Exclusive Cover - Midtown ComicsJay Anacleto15
RESRetailer Exclusive Sketch Cover - Midtown ComicsJay Anacleto16
RERetailer Exclusive Cover - Mile High ComicsLui Antonio17
RESRetailer Exclusive Sketch Cover - Mile High ComicsLui Antonio18
RERetailer Exclusive Cover - Westfield ComicsRoberto Castro19
RESRetailer Exclusive Sketch Cover - Westfield ComicsRoberto Castro20
REBlank Authentix CoverNone21
RSRetailer Shared Cover - BorderlandsRoberto Castro22
RSRetailer Shared Cover - Cleveland ComicsRoberto Castro23
RSRetailer Shared Cover - The Comic Book Shop! (Delaware)Roberto Castro24
RSRetailer Shared Cover - Comics To Astonish Inc.Roberto Castro25
RSRetailer Shared Cover - Laughing Ogre ComicsRoberto Castro26
RSRetailer Shared Cover - Midtown ComicsRoberto Castro27
RSRetailer Shared Cover - Retailslayer.comRoberto Castro28
RIRetailer Incentive CoverJoe Bennett29
RIRetailer Incentive CoverJonathan Case30
RIRetailer Incentive CoverKen Haeser31
RISRetailer Incentive Sketch CoverJae Lee32
RISRetailer Incentive Sketch CoverRob Liefeld33
RISRetailer Incentive Sketch CoverBart Sears34
LELimited Edition Virgin Cover, Limited to 25Joe Bennett35
LELimited Edition Virgin Cover, Limited to 25Jonathan Case36
LELimited Edition Virgin Cover, Limited to 25Ken Haeser37
LELimited Edition Virgin Cover, Limited to 25Jae Lee38
LELimited Edition Virgin Cover, Limited to 25Bart Sears39
2ndSecond Print CoverUnknown2

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