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How Turok came to be separated from his friend Andar and end up in a new time and new world with a technological-enhanced dinosaur named Mon-Ark in pursuit.

This issue is a recap to catch the reader up to this new Lost Land. Turok and Andar find the lost land and befriend a new tribe only to have them killed by Bionisaurs led by Mothergod. Despite being aided by the likes of Magnus, X-O Manowar and many other super-humans. This event puts Turok on a mission of revenge against Mon-Ark and his mate that killed his tribe. The planned revenge fails when Turok and Mon-Ark are transported to a new time leaving Andar forever.

In this new new time Turok finds a new tribe but Mon-Ark comes soon to wipe them out in the same way they did in the old land of the Lost. Quick to stop them Turok wins a victory against an army of Bionisaurs but does not stop Mon-Ark. The beasts came to the tribe to find Turok in fear the tribes tells turok to go in hope that the beasts will not return with him gone. Turok finds himself were he started on the first page of the book. He is alone in a new world with a powerful enemy that he seeks revenge against.


  • Regular edition,
  • Variant edition: Gold Logo
  • VVSS edition: Valiant Validated Signature Series comic book

First Appearance

This issue is the first appearance of the Bionasaur Mon-Ark. Mon-Ark quickly become an arch enemy of Turok as he is seemingly the cause of Andar's death. It is also the first appearance of Carlos Comacho a Drug Lord in South America who whose men are being killed and eaten by Mon Ark's dinosaurs.

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