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Turbine was created by The Flash writers Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul.

Major Story Arcs

In 1944, Roscoe Hynes was flying a prototype airplane into battle against the Axis over Italy when it was pulled in by the Speed Force, trapping him there for decades. He became obsessed with escaping the Speed Force and returning to his home; this imprisonment caused him to lose some of his sanity.

In the present, Dr. Elias informs the Flash that when he uses his powers, portals appear to the Speed Force and are causing random things to be bounced around the time stream. Once Barry ventures into the Speed Force to rescue Iris and other civilians that were sucked into such a portal, he learns that Turbine's attempts at passing through them created the vortexes that messed with the time stream as well as the EMP blast that shut down Central and Keystone City. During his time in the Speed Force, Turbine gained an extensive understanding of the Speed Force and how it worked, explaining it to the Flash when he was trapped there in hopes that the Flash would help him escape. However, when the Flash refused to take him back to his own time in order to not screw up the time stream, he grew enraged and attacked him, but the Flash managed to stop him long enough to pull him out of the Speed Force.

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