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Trystan is a member of the Split-Second Squad. He has a romantic relationship with Teah, a teammate. He consistently gives Alec a hard time and calls him names such as 'mutt' and 'half-breed.'
On a mission through a dimensional portal against a mercenary known as Wrythe, they became stranded. Alec was able to create a gate to get them back, but this left Teah behind and she was lost. Trystan never forgave Alec for this.
Trystan was contacted by Mandelbrot and offered the return of his love in exchange for Alec. Trystan betrayed his team and planted a homing device on Alec that made him lose control of his powers and let Mandelbrot begin his invasion.

Powers and Abilities

Battle Suit - Like all Split-Second Squad members, Trystan wears a battle suit. ( Info)
Combat Skills - Trystan is proficient in armed and unarmed combat.

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