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Trudi Scarlotti is the wife of Mark Scarlotti who is better known as Blacklash. They have one child together and she knows her husband is a mercenary for hire. She knows deep down inside that Mark can become a good man and wishes for him to be a normal guy. Mark decides to take one last assignment where the job is big and the money is really good. A man called the Architect hires a number of assassins to come to New York and offers them big money if they can kill him. Mark promises to burn his costume and destroy his whip after this assignment. All he wants to do is take care of his wife and kid.

Mark would run into another assassin named Bullet and he gets beat down inside an elevator. Mark recovers and asks his wife Trudi to come to New York and help him out. Trudi would come to Mark's hotel room and find his Blacklash costume in the closet. Suddenly she is grabbed from behind by an assassin called Shatterhead. Mark comes back to his room and sees his wife's body on the floor. Bullet tells Mark that Shatterhead had his way with his wife and that the screaming lasted for twenty minutes. Mark explodes in anger and takes down Bullet with his whip. Mark would avenge his wife's death by killing Shatterhead.

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