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Bartelmew is from a race of kobolds (also known as trolls). He was born in 1006 B.C.

The Fifth Century

Troll in 436 A.D.

Bartelmew loses to the Warlock Magnar Teufelson at a game of cards, causing him and the other kobolds to be enslaved to Teufelson. Teufelson forces them to retrieve a magic book long lost below the Earth.

Bartelmew discovers that the book can be rewritten to change real-life events. He befriends the barbarian Bram and plots with Bram to betray and ultimately slay Teufelson.

Bartelmew fights alongside Bram for many years, and takes possession of the book when Bram falls to the Frost-Wyrm.

The Middle Ages

Bartelmew loses the magic book to Merlin in a game of cards.

The Winter Knight came into possession of the book. Troll attempted to steal the book from him, but was caught and imprisoned in a frozen waterfall for 300 years.

The Twentieth Century

Troll in Youngblood

Bartelmew is known as Troll and is a reserve member of Youngblood. He regularly shaves his body and wears make-up to appear more human-like.

Troll betrays the team and brings Lord Chapel back to life.

The Distant Future

Troll in the distant future

In the distant future, Troll is still alive and living on the Martian moon of Phobos. Although he does not directly get involved in Old Man Prophet's war against the Earth Empire, he manipulates both parties to advance his own unknown agenda.

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