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A religious cult whom was founded by Jonathan Tremont to gain power of the "Tripple Evil". Tremont brought members of society together who were down on their luck from power choices in life. He used the powers of the 3-D Man to siphon off the energies of his followers until he could find a suitable avatar for the Triple Power to combat the Tripple Evil. He eventually found it in Delroy Garret Jr, who became the super hero, Triathlon. The Triune of Understanding painted a smear compain against the Avengers until the Triple Evil appeared during the assault by Kang, the Conqueror. Tremont used the belief powers of his followers to power a ship to attack the Tripple Evil, only to reveal that he was going to use the powers for himself. After the Avengers and Triathlon defeated the Trippl Evil, Tremont sacrified himself to take down Kang's battleship's forcefields. The Triune tried to rebuild after the fall of their leader but eventually disbanded after their image was ruined by Tremont.

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