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William MacIntyre's father worked for the evil scientist Dr. Cobalt. When his father's employer battled the first Hourman, William saved Hourman from a magnetic blast. The hero told young William to learn from his father's mistakes. So William decided to become a hero, taking the name Triumph, and on one of his first missions, having discovered an an alien plot to "mine" the magnetic field from Earth, called together the various heroes who would become the Justice League. The mission did not go according to plan, and when Triumph attacked the aliens ship, he triggered a time displacement effect, causing both the aliens and himself to disappear from the timestream, forgotten by everyone.

He emerged ten years later, along with the the Plasma-Men as a result of Zero Hour. He eventually joined the Justice League of America, specifically the Justice League Task Force.

Story Arc

Triumph had some success as a hero, but often as not butted heads with J'onn J'onzz, the leader of the JLTF, and with his teammate and friend The Ray. He was offered the chance to regain the ten years he had lost by the demon Neron, during Underworld Unleashed, but when the candle Neron told him to light if he accepted was accidentally lit, time was again changed, possibly erasing much of Triumph's time in the JLTF.

Some time later, he had fallen on hard times. Angry, bitter and desperate, he sold things taken from the Watchtower, and in doing so, he came across the genie LKZ, who corrupted him even more. The genie also started a war between the Justice League and Qwsp. In the resolution of this conflict, Triumph was turned into ice by the Spectre, and now resides in the Watchtower Trophy Room.

Frozen by the Spectre

The Watchtower was later destroyed,and with it, presumably, the frozen Triumph.

Powers and abilities

Magnetic powers in action

Triumph's mastery over the electromagnetic spectrum gives him a wide array of abilities such as Electromagnetic Blasts, the ability to transmit his voice over TV and Radio transmissions, and to siphon energy from sources including beings such as Superman.

He was also able to use his energy abilities for a variety of physical purposes including amping his body to Superman level stats and sustained flight. Empowered by LKZ, he was able to use his mastery over energy to effect people's brains, and making them his thralls; it is unknown if he could accomplish this prior to LKZ's tampering.

Although he is only able to sustain his invulnerability by continually concentrating on it, his costume's energy dampening proprieties offers him a certain level of protection should he be taken by surprise.

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