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Her motive in the first game is to lure Dante to Mallet Island in order for Mundus' servants to kill him. Throughout the story she starts to develop feelings for him and helps him to defeat Mundus. Trish for some time becomes a freelance Demon Hunter and she often buys expensive clothes and sends Dante the bills. She ends up helping Dante once again defeat a demon named Sid. Trish seems to be living Dante in Devil May Cry where she takes the Sparda sword posing as Gloria and joins the Order of the Sword. She goes to evacuate the townspeople while Dante faces off against the Savior. When Sanctus is defeated Trish returns to the shop with Dante when Lady brings in a new case that all three go to face.

Powers: As a demon Trish possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes a healing factor and the ability to control electricity such as producing energy bolts. She is a skilled hand to hand combatant and wields the Luce and Ombra pistols and possibly the Sparda sword.

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