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There has been no definitive origin to the Triple Changers. In Dreamwave's Generation 1 Universe it is said that Soundwave created them.


Generation 1

List of known G1 Triple Changers

NameAlt-Mode 1Alt-Mode 2
ApefaceCybertornian JetGorilla
AstrotrainSpace ShuttleLocomotive
BroadsideJetAircraft Carrier
OctaneBoeing JetTanker Truck
SandstormHelicopterDune Buggy
Snap DragonCybertronian JetT-Rex
SpringerHelicopterCybertronian Car

Beast Wars

In Beast Wars, the term Triple Changer was replaced with Three Mode Conversion

NameAlt-Mode 1Alt-Mode 2
RampageKing CrabTank
Depth ChargeManta RaySpace-Cruiser
B'BoomMandrillArtillery Station

Transformers: Armada

Only two characters are mentioned as Triple Changers, yet the Transformers: Armada More Than Meets The Eye profile comics state than all Mini-Cons with a weapon mode are Triple Changers.

NameAlt-Mode 1Alt-Mode 2
Laserbeak (Bird)Video CameraGun

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