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 Southern General
The General
The trio is the tree member leaders of a criminal-syndicate in Arcana.  The Trio is lead by the General (Malcolm Greymater) the General is a Civil War veteran for the Southern States who has somehow lived to the present day.  His body is deformed perhaps to his great age somewhat zombie-like in appearance.  He has a machine that reincarnate recently dead people but depending on how long they have been dead he is only somewhat successful.  the stronger people that he resurrects he keep in his gang the weaker mind ones he sells off as slaves.  He has even sold woman into sexual slavery.  He really believes he is a good person and not set out to do evil.  He wants to make the world a better place.  he is also loyal to his fellow members Towering Chris and Trixie.
Towering Chris and Ghost
Towering Chris
Towering Chris in the the brute force of the group.  She is six and a half feet tall and able to bend steel in her hands.  She even carries gauntlets that allow her to grab the Ghost and hold on to her without her phasing.  Unfortunately for her Ghost was able to phase a Civil War book in her head that messed up her brain.
Coral King
Coral "Trixie" King is a shape shifter who prefers to have the appearance of the legendary Medusa.  She can also use her pheromones to sway people to do things they might not have done otherwise.  In Trikie's main form she has a head of snakes just like Medusa and one on the snakes has a poisonous bite.


 Two on Towering One
The Trio worked in Arcadia for a long time and were very successful in making new gang members out of the dead they found.  They even had a hoard of zombies that they would set loose on anyone who would mess with them.  They also sold zombies off as slaves to make money for the gang.
Everything was going well until Oracle and Batgirl showed up from Gotham City and made friends with the Ghost.  The three of them with the help of an army lead by Two-Face was enough to bring the Trio gang down.  The head three members were able to escape however and at least considered going to Metropolis to set up their gang again.  The only major problem was helping Towering Chris who had a large Civil War book half phased in her head by the ghost.  Leaving her mentally damaged.

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