who are the Trinity

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ok so we all know Superman,Batman, and Wonder Woman are the trinity of the DC universe 
but what about marvel, dark horse,image, top  cow  and all those other companies. 
let me know what you think 
DC: Superman, Batman Wonder Woman 
Top Cow:Witchblade, Angelus, Darkeness 
Marvel:Captain America, Spider-Man, ?
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@Avenging-X-Bolt: Top Cow has an official established Trinity composed of Witchblade, the Angelus and the Darkness.
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thank you very much for the info 
if u hear anything on any of the other companies let me know
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Pretty sure we've had threads like this before. I'm never sure on Marvel though. I usually have Spider-Man and Wolverine but then get stuck for the third. Captain America? Dunno. Wildstorm leaves me at a similar problem. I have Midnighter and Grifter without a doubt but don't know the third. Zealot? Backlash maybe? Either one would round out the main power sources for characters in the WSU (tech, gen-factor experimentation and alien influence) though that leaves out the comet-effect, but that was a one-time deal so that might be ok.

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hmmm We the SUPERHERO Trinity is Spider-man, Batman and Superman

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they definitly crossed my mind 
but im going for symbolism not just popularity and sales
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For me marvel's Trinity would be Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor

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