Man of Steel, The Dark Knight and Blank?

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What would wonderwoman's Nickname be?

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the lady with the lasso fetish

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The Amazon Princess is Wonder Woman's relative franchise sub-moniker.

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The Amazonian Princess

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The Amazon/Amazonian Princess is too girly, if it was going to be done in a Nolan style he's going to make it gritty. The Amazon or The Amazonian would work.

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I would choose the warrior princess

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I posed this question (in another fashion) a while back in my blog. It sucks that Batman and Supes have these short phrases that describe their character and WW doesn't.

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According to DC it's the Amazing Amazon

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The Amazing Amazon

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Just "Amazon" would suffice.

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If I were to make a nickname up I would call her Princess Warrior.

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Goddess/Warrior Of Truth would be cool too.

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Goddess of Truth....not saying it's ever been used but it could be used....maybe.

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