The sides are drawn

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So far, it seems as though the Trinity War has this dynamic, based off what I saw in Justice League #12 and the JLI annual

Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman


Shazam, Batman, Flash, Cyborg, Hal Jordan

Admitably, there are a lot of unknowns...but its what's been revealed so far

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I think Aquaman is separate from Wonder Woman and Superman.

Remember that picture where the JL were fighting with the JLA. WW was fighting with Mera and Aquaman. But damn those teasers to the war has got me pumped reading it I was imagining it if it were an animated series on it's own and they just showed a season 2 trailer.

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It also showed some members of steve trevors JLA fighting.AND DEADMAN,and black adam.

Maybe its justice league dark,vs justice league vs justice league of america.Here are things leading up to the war

Who's the guy opening the box for Pandora.My guess is The Question,or maybe the 3rd guy,who is the 3rd guy.The 3rd member of the trinity of sin

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It says the justice league cannot be a new league must rise to stop the greatest war of our era.AND it will take more than the worlds greatest superheroes to save us.I might make a thread on this

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Just hope it isn't AVX again

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@cameron83: The third member is the Phantom stranger

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@krspaceT: Its gonna be civil war 2.0

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The Pandora's box can be opened by a full of good heart or by a heart lost in the darkness (Pandora said it)

So Superman or Batman are the only ones who can probably open it Pandora wants Batman to open it Supes stops him and then JLA comes for a three way super hero fight!

EDIT : I really don't want a hero vs hero event

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